Karipbek Kuyukov
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Karipbek paints what means the most to him - portraits of the survivors of nuclear weapons testing and landscapes of places in and around Kazakhstan; as well as places he has seen on his world travels in support of The Atom Project. He also paints scenes reflecting his own and his family's suffering, due to the damage caused by nuclear radiation. Karipbek often chooses a bright, saturated palette to capture attention, but also to reflect the hope that he feels for the future. Karipbek's art is much more than a political or social statement however; the very fact of his painting is a sheer act of will and determination that proves anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Act Now. Stop nuclear weapons testing. The ATOM Project is an international campaign designed to do more than create awareness surrounding human and environmental devastation caused by nuclear weapons testing. The ATOM Project hopes to affect real and lasting change by engaging millions of global citizens to permanently stop nuclear weapons testing by joining together to show the world's leaders that the world's citizens deserve and demand a world without nuclear weapons testing. By signing The ATOM Project and joining the dialogue, we can stop nuclear weapons testing forever. TheAtomProject.org